Tacius Payne / Lester Payne — California

(Far left in the picture) Y’all will not believe this one. Watch out for this fat-a55 butter-ball turkey man with a fake Jamaican accent if you are located anywhere near Los Angeles. He lurks in strip clubs, nightclubs and restaurants looking for naive young girls or anyone with poor credit. Pretends to be a sugar daddy with a few businesses, but it turns out he is a broke-as-a-joke scammer who gains your trust over a few months, convincing you he loves you and God and wants to help you out. Will also claim to help fix your credit, pay your bills, get you a credit card, or a car lease. After he gets some sensitive information he will open cards under your name or blackmail you. He is a master manipulator who relies on his knowledge of the law to keep his victims responsible for paying back the money when the bank comes knocking. If he claims to be your sugar daddy he will deposit fraud payments to your accounts instead of actual money. They will bounce. Next he will threaten your life and your family if you go to police. He uses aliases- so be aware. All of his friends are in on the scams too, although he often backstabs them as well.


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