Stacy Gabrielle — Ontario, Canada

This women is an insult herself, she’s jealous, insecure, immature, an irresponsible mother who is sleeping around with every other Tom, d1ck and Harry. Has been rebounding for past many years. Stacy is the most ungrateful, worthless, without a spine human you’ll meet in your lifetime, her toddler son has been taught no manners and poor [email protected] swears all the time. It was better she would’ve aborted him than to give him this miserable life that she’s giving. Stacy recently got a boob job done for $10,000, I wish she would’ve spent that money on a degree, maybe that might have added some class in her or saved it for her son. I’m not surprised the child’s father left her, she deserve every bit of it. Stacy a great example of what white trash looks like, she dresses up like a h0e, buys cheap stuff, has no class or character. I feel sorry for her son, who is being raised by such a sloott. Beware of this woman, save your man ladies, she’s looking for a new sugar daddy.


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