Scott Hilder – California

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Cheating Active duty Husband on his deployed wife! So Scott Hilder has been having an affair on his wife with their attached neighbor Mistie Erwin. Scott and his wife are active duty military. While Scott’s wife was deployed over the last 11 months he decided it would be nice to have an affair with his attached neighbor Mistie Erwin. Scott has admitted to the affair to other neighbors in the area. When his wife comes back from serving our country he then assaults her by shoving her into the street. This guy is a real POS. He has made his wife’s life flip totally upside down with his lies and bullshit and needs to be known for who he truly is! Both Scott and Mistie have had no remorse for what they have done to Scott’s wife and their children. Worse part is, Mistie’s own husband caught her sucking Scott’s dick outside at 3am in front of the garage!!! Yes her own husband! and said to him “What you’ve moved on!”

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