Ron McDow – Nashville, Tennessee

Ron McDow of Nashville Tennessee is a successful and wealthy MD/Entrepreneur who presents himself as a respectable and honorable man. The reality is that this man is an abusive, cheating, liar with no moral compass. He has a long history of domestic abuse with multiple women, including myself, and he seems to be unable to be faithful to any one woman. He sees women a objects to be possessed and if a woman isn’t up for being totally submissive, he will go into a rage. We were engaged to be married, but I suspected that he was not being faithful after I found condoms in his wallet and car. I then got confirmation when I found videos and pictures on his phone of him having sex with another woman (pictured below). Later I discovered that he had a motion activated hidden surveillance camera in our bedroom, pointed on the bed. I suspect sexual addiction is one of his many problems. Our relationship came to its final end when he assaulted me and beat me up in the middle of the night after my turning down his demands for sex. I had him arrested, but all he got was anger management and no record. Beware — this one looks good from the outside, but he”ll just use you, hurt you, and then blame you for the hurt he’s caused you. Steer clear!

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