Michael Steve – California

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This man played me for a fool!, lied to me hurt me then left me for others. His name is Michael Steve poinson age 43 born October 4 1975. This man has a track record of sleeping with any and everyone plays too much games with even at his age right now. He works at the nursing home but is a social worker also a fitness trainer. He sleeps with everyone from lvn , charge nurses , rn , business office , loss prevention , case management ,cna he even gets females from social media. He plays the card of I’m a nice quiet don’t want no drama type. Brings all the females to his home sleeps with you then if you start acting crazy he will toss you aside like you are just a piece of object that he got what he wanted and moved on to the next person. He has multiple females that he sleeps with at the same time even unprotected will lie to your face tell you that you are the only one while he is f****** others tells you that he wants to be with only you that you make him happy that he wants a relationship that you both are made for each other only to turn around have another female over then have you over. He is the type that will c** inside just about any and about every female. He is never honest loves to make female crazy tells people that you wouldn’t leave him alone and then goes runs from you having people be the look out for him so your paths wouldn’t cross and you wouldn’t know when he leaves. He has 2 kids one who lives with him and the one he constantly brings every female in his home to playing games lying same routine he f***s then expect you to be cool with him f****** you unprotected along with others infecting you with diseases throwing you aside like a piece of meat like you were nothing but a booty call ladies he loves pretty females no drama , loves fitness always at 24 hour fitness or la fitness he is a trainer go after him his phone number is 13109206316 he loves all the attention he can get since he is a manwhore who would f*** about any and every female to get ahead higher pay keep his job and to help others get hours and once he is done with you he never comes back like you never ment anything to him then he goes around embarrassing you making you go crazy when he was the cause of everything can never be honest about anything. His Snapchat is michael_poison contact he is always in the search for new booty and new females very easily manipulated.

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