Lyndon Holland -Wisconsin

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You have not learned, as many chances you have been given you still can not do right but continue to use any women to your needs, any women that’s in any vulnerable state. Your sick all these women you with and you think it goes completely unseen. A few women have been identified by name but I am willing to bet they know nothing of each other. The things you do lyndon continue manipulation of those whom you are close to, and yet they do not know the whole truth about you and the sick truth you hide from everyone. You always trying to be a hero to get laid that’s all you think about is how to get a women to trust you feel safe even by wearing a uniform which unless your on duty should not be worn, you have not learned from your first few times being caught in uniform when not on duty. You wear a uniform only for that reason. Two good women lay victim if your feet from your shady acts, you deserve neither of them. Ashley and Becca deserve much better after what they been through with you and you continue to do. No one is safe not even the teens at the docks by your home. Yeah we seen that to. The four/ five girls you doing all on different days each week was not enough but tossed away like trash. I’m sure they know nothing about any other girls your with that you been seen with coming and going. Now you turn to girls that are around by the docks you getting them in your bed now. Still really sick seeing them enter late at night like nothings going on, your only fooling yourself but it all is seen, the truth will come out, and soon because you still doing wrong to women and can not be trusted. Cheater cheater cheater

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