Katie Mcatamney – United Kingdom

This woman cheated on me for over 6 months with a guy she pretended was her cousin to put me off the scent. It turned out to be her best friends boyfriend. I came home early from work one night (I’m nightshift) to catch her in my bed in my flat with this guy. She had made a copy of my flat key without me knowing. She also abused me badly and regularly attacked me and wrecked my flat. She even tried to stab me on several occasions. She’s a monster and the most manipulative of types. Even her own mum said she felt sorry for me for what Katie did. That should show just how sociopathic she is. She genuinly is a dangerous person and I regret not going to the police at the time so much. I ended up weighing only 8 stone when I finally got out. My normal weight is about 12 to 13 stone to give you an idea. I looked like I was out of aushwitz. I stupidly defended her when people told me she was clearly abusing me.


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