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Ladies please pay close attention, The person has Narcissistic personality disorder, he picks two different types of women one that has beauty intelligence, money, a good job and a giving heart. He sucks the life out of them by having them to everything for him, he acts like he’s so helpless. I helped him get his DL back, repair and build on to his house, start a moving company which everything was in my name because he is on SSI and doesn’t want to get caught, I married him and when SS came calling he wanted me to move out and lie to them. He has burned everything I owned except the clothes on my back and then tried to blame his ex for it. He had a friend of his write a fake restranting order on me in which he held on do for over a year and then when he wanted to do drugs and sleep with his ex best friends wife had it served on me in the middle of the night and I had nowhere to go. Basically got everything I inherited from my dad handed to him he even took my dad’s truck from me. The whole time I was with him he kept his ex girlfriend on the side, as cheated on me with anything he can get! I finally became friends with his ex and we are now closer than ever she calls me her guardian angel because when he got with me he left her alone for a while then started it up again. Her husband got released and he begged her not to go get him that things would be different of course she told him she was going to get her husband and that he didn’t want her but didn’t want anyone else to have her like he does me. I finally left and now live with her and her husband that is a really awesome person and husband they are soulmates you can see it in their eyes when they ae together. Guy can’t stand this and thinks he hides it well but he doesn’t his actions show that. He is extremely cruel with his words and can mentally almost kill you, he use to severely beat her physically but he has never hit me just spit on me poke me in the mouth with his finger break my belongings, he also is an opiate drug addict. I found out 2 weeks ago he called her and told her he was going to sell the house and wanted her to go with him that he was leaving me behind, then the last week we where together he was being really nice so nice I wondered what was up. He found the life insurance policies that are on my mom and stepdad I’m the soul beneficiary, all he saw was $ signs and the truth is I was really the second chose because it was her that didn’t want him! So I was all he had now all he has is whatever pill head beatdown druggie female he can get his hands on. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE IFYOU EVER SEE OR GET INTRODUCED TO THIS ONE, I PROMISE YOU WILL REGRET IT, AND HE WILL DESTROY YOU WHEN YOU WANT TO LEAVE! READ UP ON NARCISTIC ABUSE TO SEE WHAT YOUR IN FOR IT WILL SET YOU FREE YOUR NOT CRAZY HE IS!

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