Fiorella Conti – Florida

Fiorella Conti Amalal, divorced mother of two, living in the North Miami Beach area. Preys on both men and women in order to meet her financial needs. My wife had to come clean with me and tell me she had been having an affair with Fiorela Conti after Conti started extorting her for money. She would threaten my wife that she would tell me about the affair if she wouldn’t pay for her rent. My wife, soon to be ex, wasn’t able to continue meeting her demands and came clean with me. Conti started showing up at my wife’s work with the intent of getting her fired. Habing told my wife she had been diagnosed with bipolar depression, we took no chances and placed restraining order against her. Putting my story out here in hopes that she doesn’t get to swindle anyone else. A night of fun is not worth the headache that will follow.

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