F*ckBoy Armin Garza -Texas

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This kid has no respect for the word family. He decided it was ok to tear apart a marriage and family of 15 plus years just to have fun. Knowing the woman he worked with has a husband and children didn’t bother him at all and he pursued her anyway. Once confronted by the husband, this boy decided to lie and say he would stop everything but continued to pursue her. He has no respect, he’s a lying little shit, and can’t step up to the consequences for his actions. Oh yea and the woman he’s after is ten years older than him! So fellas out there if you see this guy around your girl/wife, beware all he wants to do is ruin lives and then move on once he gets what he wants out of it. If you want to give him a piece of your mind then just stop by the petsmart in Alamo ranch where you can find him bathing dogs.

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