Dominique Santiago – Massachusetts

This skank should know the difference between right from wrong especially when she has served our country.  She works at the same job as him. She hops from one car after another to hide her affair with a married prick who has a family. His family thinks he is at work and being loyal, not when they think it’s ok to continue sleeping with eachother during their work hours, days off and afterwards in both of their cars daily secretly, including during break time they leave different times then after to meeting up in parking lots, and the apartment complex right next to work.

She has no value or morals doing it in his car that has a car seat in it. It’s gross they leave their dirty butt lubication scent behind in his car that his kids uses on a daily basis to get to school.  What woman or person that stands for our country can do this towards a family with young kids. She knows what she is doing wrong and not knowing she got caught but doesn’t give a crap that’s why she can’t answer simple questions when being asked. This selfish ignorant prick isn’t any better by doing this either lying to everyone he knows and purposely talking crap about his partner letting others assumed she is nuts so he can protect himself and keep cheating. This prick has lied so long about her being in his car, her working there, and the days she works. Then finally he admitted recently she gave him oral several times to his wife but continues to play mind games with her and hurt his family.


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