Anthony Leon Cheater San Jose – California

When I first met him he swept me off my feet….Said that he wanted to marry me and was over almost every day bringing me flowers and giving me foot rubs and feeding me prawns.
Would flake a lot, disappear and began to send verbally abusive texts…this worsened and around Thanksgiving and Xmas he began to brag that he was banging a russian coworker at costco or throw numerous women in my face and justify it by accusing me of doing things which were completely false. I had tried to remain friends with my ex boyfriend before him with nothing at all going on…but he went ape s***…
I stupidly was in love and cut off all contact with my ex boyfriend and ended up pregnant in Spring 2016 with Anthony Leon’s child. He proceeded to ditch me the day I decided to get an abortion and bragged how he was going to pick up white women at a local bar.


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