Revere Tapia – Oregon

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Low key sociopath/garbage monster Revere Tapia. Extremely charming, Tri-lingual, and an excellent smooth talker. Revere hangs in the queer punk scene on the west Coast when they’re not traveling. They have admitted in private to torturing their cat be repeatedly throwing her into a pool when they first got her, they carried this attitude further into their adult life when the emotionally abused their now ex boyfriend for months under the false pretenses that the boyfriend had been cheating. He hadn’t been, and tolerated it all willingly in hopes of keeping Revere around. It was later disclosed that revere had actually been the one cheating since halfway through the relationship, and had lost count at the 13th infidelity, but steamed right ahead while simultaneously torturing their boyfriend for having supposedly cheated. None of this is apparent through revere’s charm up front. BE VERY CAUTIOUS. If you are considering pursuing revere or allowing them to pursue you GET OUT BEFORE YOU END UP THEIR NEXT PREY! Who knows when it will turn violent?

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