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Robert Dickey and Mark Faris of Gannett were paid a ton of cash to allow these cyber troll shell companies run by NJhiredguns to manipulate SEO and black hat techniques. Norcross Sweeney and Ayscue have taken a page out of Russia campaign meddling and cyber hacking troll book. NJhiredguns, Ayscue, Norcross, Sweeney, Mayer, GT police, Dickey, Gannett, Jim Walsh of Courier Post, Jason Laday, Alex Young and Bill durhart of and Sean Mccullen of Patch were given
Envelops of Cash by Norcross to create misleading information on the stories. Norcross is part of google analytica and google llc which works directly with Facebook that is linked to foreign Facebook sites to keep stories page parked and ranked at top of google. It’s so criminal what Norcross Ayscue mayer and Sweeney have done. They must be exposed and stopped. They have a cyber crime ring and and money laundering scheme via their many cyber companies which consist of
to toss civil rights cases for Norcross and his allies. Simandle should have been disbarrred and arrested. Unfair and blatant injustice in Camden county court system Dirty system that is corrupt to the core. Evil greedy sinister inhuman individuals who have no remorse or souls. They will answer one day to Jesus. These people are the Anti Christ naacp members Loretta winters; Lloyd Henderson; Walter Dority; several black churches in Camden and Gloucester county have sold out and accepted envelops of cash. How sinful, a complete abomination before God to sell people out like Judas. They will burn in Hell for that. Bkack sellouts who sold out to white devils. Ayscue has been trashing peopleTroll farms and shell companies are behind NJhiredgun created by Steve Ayscue who has several young white boys who have been trained to create damaging story telling and harass those whinSteve Ayscue has been assigned by George and his brother congressman Donald Norcross to harass.

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