Michael Yezhechenko – New York

Goes by Mike or Michael Chenko. 23 year old Ukrainian born on March 13th, 1994. Works in finance in New York City. Lives in Far Rockaway, Queens. Studies Financial Risk Management at Baruch Zinklin School of Business. Is in the Zicklin Investment Club. Got his girlfriend pregnant, forced her to have an abortion, and left her in an incredible amount of medical debt. Physically and mentally tortured her. Put her in the hospital multiple times. He is abusive, but will make it feel like it is your fault and you deserved it. Serial dater on multiple dating apps. Pretends to be caring, but is a pathological liar, tells you he is not seeing anyone else. Will beg you to be exclusive with him, but he is sleeping around with half of NYC. Continues to lie even when caught and feels no remorse. Give him a second chance and he will lie again. Avoid at all costs. Ruined the lives of many. Manipulative and psychotic. Symptoms of a psychopath. Selfish and only cares about himself. ABUSES women and truly enjoys it. SEXUALLY HARASSES women and thinks he will get away with it because of his white privilege. He gets off on beating women up and will continue doing it.

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