MICHAEL MCGANN – Massachusetts

Michael McGann, from Worcester, MA is 30 years old going on 15. He is junkie, an ex convict who was in jail for robbing a bank to buy drugs so he can feed his habit. Beware of him because this imitation of a man is a THIEF and a COMPULSIVE LIAR . DO NOT GIVE HIM MONEY OR ANYTHING HE MIGHT ASK YOU FOR. DO NOT LET HIM INSIDE YOUR HOUSE. DO NOT LET HIM INSIDE YOUR CAR. DO NOT GO ANYWHERE WITH HIM. DO NOT ALLOW HIM NEAR YOU!! This piece of trash steals even from his own mother!!! Do not believe a word he says. He is a compulsive liar who claims to be a Christian just to gain your trust and then he will steal whatever he can from you such as money, jewelry, clothes, electronics even YOUR SHOES if he can. if you are a woman DO NOT SLEEP WITH HIM, he currently has a dangerous chronic nasty sexually transmitted desease which he thinks he can keep it a secret from his victims.


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