Kimberly Kerwin – Florida

Why must you insist on destroying every man that walks into your life Kimberly? Do you really want to know that what you did to me hurts me? Do you really want to know how it feels? I did the one thing that no other man had accomplished before me and that was a I built the strength to leave you in January and than again in February. Instead of walking away and crawling back in the hole I found you, you have proceeded to interrogate my happiness with your lies, innuendos, and deceipt. The bullet you buried deep within me ironically has inspired me to take back the very thing that I never knew would want me, and that was my current fiance. Seeing all the ruins you had left behind with all your lovers, ex’s and husband, it took me a few months to realize that your intention was to be that brick that would drown me below the water you call your life. What I was witnessing was the cold touch that you posess would turn everything you come in contact with into something broken. Your broken promises and destructive lies have given you a long life of dispair and you betray everyone that you come across and it’s a fact! Your life is broken Kimberly and when all the lights go out on you and your worthless life is through, all of your victims will hear those screams that you hold within. What lies beaneath that crooked smile and those jaded eyes are a person that I thought was worth fighting for and the premonition that came forweard was that of a life of misery, so I pulled back the engagement. Kimberly, you drove your first boyfriend into jail with your drama and agony and than you did the unthinkable, you aborted your first child than also. The consequences of those actions have cursed you, but you have instead found reasons to hold onto the belief that you are better than everyone, so you live miserably in the dark world you call your life. The compromise you made with the Devil wont protect you from God and the agony you live with will remain the rest of your life. You once said that you wanted to spend 60yrs with someone, well, I could have misunderstood you, because I thnk you really said 60 days! That’s the cold and calous person you are Kimberly Lee Kerwin and you are the basis for a story that was my life recently and I am free from your vicious attacks and coordination of lies. The letter you left on my front door is a resemblance of someone who is defenseless and cold and forever lost and it was my final closure. I now don’t even know you exist anymore, I will never look at you again and unfortunately I have to stare at that cheap piece of s*** car you drive everyday and I laugh. It was the release of your mother’s pride that got you that car and if you had concentrated on your own life and your sons life instead of all the men in your bed, you would have a better job and a better life. I will say that the fighting with you will never end any man willing to stand your drama for longer that 1 day, will face the “Nothing” that I did and hopefully they wont fall victim. I am a survivor of your wrath and the only bind that will forever hold us together is our distance between each other at work and the baby you aborted, Zoey Jane. I will never forgive you for that and you promised me you wouldn’t do that to me and our baby, but you insisted doing it to play a game and hold control. That’s fine, because eternal damnation will hurt even worse as a result and I want no part of it. God knows that I wanted Zoey and you never did and you abandonded her when she really needed us. I promised I was going to take are of her and I would have been an awesome dad, but you made that choice and will have to live with it. The coldest month on record is April 2013, the day I lost my unborn daughter and I will dedicate the rest of my life to her. Going from the young boy you put in jail to your current ex-hubby, you destroyed Brian. That poor guy was doing drugs because it was the only way to deal with you and your cold armor and I don’t blame him. Where he should of stopped was when Kaden was born, the miracle you did not abort. Kaden is an amazing boy that I love with all my heart and every man that you have introduced to him has messed him up badly and I remember a talk I had with him when he told me that you have had several boyfriends. How does a small boy say that? I feel sorry for you Kimberly and your little boy is now confused because of all the men you bring into your house and the one man that didn’t do drugs, was good to you and your son, loved you both and would have done anything was treated just like the other victims. Im sorry, but I wasn;t strong enough to deal with your Cold Soul and I had to walk away not once, but twice. You chose this miserable life to live as if you are cursed from whatever you did earlier in life and you were trying to drag me down with you. Misery loves company and I just wasn’t going to accept the invitation. I have been cold in the crypt you have kept mein , but not as cold as the words that come out of your lips. You are destructive, you are a liar, a cheater and I hate you with all of my heart for taking Zoey from this world. Kim, you are frozen to the touch your eyes blacker than night and I didn’t recognize you towards the last couple of months with you. While divorcing your ex husband, you start banging his best friend from the pizza place and than, wham…you crossed a line that would put Brian in a bad position. You are the full blame for ruining his life and gettign him in jail because what you did was dangle this guy David in front of your ex and it drove him mad. You don’t care about anyone but yourself and you are evil, you destroy bridges and there is no sorrow in your heart. Kimberly Kerwin, are you lost in your lies, do you capture yourself thinking you don’t realize that your crusade of hurting men is a disguise? I am apaulled I became entangled in your web like Brian did, and he was not prepared for what you and David did to him and you set him up! Funny thing is, you than throw David to the side as a black widow would after she is dine with her prey and you started blaming him for using you for sex. Can you say pattern? What the f*** is wrong with you Kimberly? Does your employer even know the evil person you are? You have them all fooled with your lies and deceipt and you have them convinced that you are some helpless victim and you are not. Noone wants you Kimberly unless you are laying down and for you to convince a bunch of old men that you are a stranded victim, is wrong, calculated and psychotic. If they want to come to work early and leave when you do, that is their problem for believing your lies and the letter you left on my door proves to me that you are a smooth operator. Kim, when I found you in September, I found you swimming in that ocean of your life and I was never going to let you drown and I gave you a greater reason to live. Despite all that you have done to me Kimberly, Im still at times wanting to know that this moment has passed us by. I still can’t turn away from the reality of what we really could have had if you were not playing me and lying to me. Kim, does it make you very sad to know that life is more than just what you make it? There is a whole new world out there that I was willing to show you and conquer with you and I just came across someone who wasn’t ready because she needs a lot of help mentally. Ironically, you are a brick that was drowning me slowly in your ocean and I felt alone in this relationship and had to exit stage left. With your life searching for the answers, you lost yourself years ago in your own eyes from the mirror that you once respected. It is clear Kim that you are broken like myself and you may be pretty on the outside, but you are most definitely ugly on the inside.


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