Jason Randall, Bloomington – Indiana

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Jason Randall is from Bloomington, Indiana. He now lives in Spring, Texas. He was in the Navy. He was married to a woman named Elizabeth, whom he claimed was cheating on him. After his divorce, he claimed to be a single dad of two. 2016, Jason started dating a woman named Monica and they ended up moving in together. He stated that he is no longer in a relationship with her but continued to “be friends” with other women. Jason would woo these “friends” and lead them to believe that he is single. He tells them he Loves them and uses them for sex, all the while he has Monica at home. He plays house with her and her daughter while he sleeps around behind her back. He strings women along long after using them, playing with their emotions. If a women is keen enough to catch on and ditch him, he makes it out to be their fault and that she is crazy. If a woman continues to play with him, he makes Monica out to be crazy and continues to lie about his relationship with her or any other woman he is manipulating at the time. Unfortunately, the real victims after all his cheating, will be Monica and her daughter, the women Jason strung along, and the other people in his life that will get hurt when the truth is revealed.

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