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Heather Lynne Swanson, AKA “Swan Knee-Pads,” is 100% a backstabbing, lying, cheating, gold gigging, un-loyal piece of white trash from BACKPAGE.COM. She is a home wrecking CHEATER. She juggles many guys at the same time. Her real boyfriend is always someone around her own age (1988) while she juggles multiple stupid, middle-age guys at the same time. WARNING TO ALL Middle-age guys, your being PLAYED by a cheap, easy Ho. WAKE UP! You either have material possessions or can “Do” stuff for her, such as a service like car mechanic, and things along those lines. You’re just being USED…and she’s already fooled a long string of other guys before you. She’s an opportunist, so whenever another “Better” guy comes along, she just adds them to her existing boyfriends. She’ll put it into her phone as a girls name to confuse you…so when you think she’s texting girlfriends, it’s really dudes and hookups. She’s ALWAYS on her cellphone, can’t keep her ugly face out of it. She freaked out because the government shut down and that’s what she was doing to make extra money to support her drug habit ( she buys her drugs from her brother BRENT RICHARD SWANSON in Belvidere Illinois.) She does any drug she can get her hands on. She prefers to sell drugs from work vehicles. She should never be around children, she’s a shitty mom to her kid, driving high with her kid in the car all the time, and driving her around with all her “men”. She would be an evil step-mother. She talks about everyone behind their backs and complains about them. Hello, that’s how she’ll treat YOU one day. She says she’s so independent and proud, but that’s just a lie, she’s a gold digger playing reverse psychology on you. She’ll say everything and do everything that you want to hear. But it’s ALL FAKE. She a low down person with zero morals on how she’s affected other peoples lives. She owes many people an apology for being a home wrecking, cheating cunt. She also commits WELFARE fraud by taking cash jobs under the table from her “Friends”. And she also has sex with her “Friends” for whatever stuff they can give her.

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