Claudia Alvarado – California

Spent 8 months with this girl that i can never get back. Started dating in Nov 2018. Spent my best xmas and new years with her in love like never before. In march of 2019 My dog passed away and sent me into a deep depression. My bff of 13 years was suddenly gone. My ex promised to always be there for me and we even had planned her moving in with me later that year. I moved into a new apt by the beach believing it would happen. 3 months later she starts i notice her acting different. Quieter,more distant. She told me it was family issues but something didnt seem right. In late june early july i get word my great grandmother is dying. This girl has the audacity to come to the hospital with me and pretend like shes still very much in love with me. Im telling my grandmother of our plans to get married and that everythings gonna be ok and my ex is there by my side smiling lying through her teeth. A week goes by and instead of my ex being there for me she gets more distant. I didnt understand what was happening. The following weekend. My great grandmother passes away. I felt horrible and yet part of me still couldnt fathom what was wrong with claudia. That same weekend something told me to go online for answers. I knew my ex’s passwords for all her emails and facebook. But i also remembered i gave her a google phone. So i randomly, call it instict, I go on gmail and enter her name and it matches a profile and asks me for password. I entered the same one i knew from her other accounts. Once i had access to her account i realized i had been getting played for the last 2 to 3 months.Pictures of them, letters between them, u name it. While i was greiving over losing my best friend and grandma this girl had been cheating on me with her co-worker. To this day im still trying to move on from the pain she inflicted. I believed every word from her when she told me i was the only one, i believe she was a christian girl with family values i believed it all. When i went to pick up my things at her house her dad didnt even know who i was. He told me she had a boyfriend but had no clue who i was. I showed him pictures of us together and he just gave me this look in disbelief his innocent daughter had played me. you live an learn i guess. Just remember what goes around comes around!


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