Charles Thomason — Fort Worth, Texas

This guy is a cheating, lying psychopath that has metal problems. The night we exchanged numbers I immediately found his Facebook page and challenged him as to why he’s asking me out if he is MARRIED!!? He said he was married twice, felt shamed to say so and didn’t mention the 2nd divorce bc he felt dumb about marrying her. Little did I know that 2nd marriage was not at all over with. Weeks later I called Fort Worth County Clerks office and confirmed he was not officially divorced but had an upcoming divorce court date hearing TWO days later. Pissed as hell, I confronted him about it and he feigned not knowing he wasn’t divorced &he angrily called up his lawyer to complain whybthis wasn’t handled. Give me a break!… He later in got caught fielding another woman’s phonecall while he was out at his trunk of his car fetching his laundry he was going to wash at my home!… That afternoon he claims he needs to not date anyone bc he needs to focus on repairing his relationships with his Mom and Dad, of which he claimed his Mom was diagnosed with brain cancer. Oh and then later he tells me she died and how nice the funeral was and all these details about that day they buried her. I smelled bullshit. So, I called up his Mom and Dad’s number in South Texas to see if his grieving Dad would even answer… Sure enough his MOM answers! I explained who I was and she told me they have always had problems with him and ultimately that they didn’t know what was wrong with Charles. Way later I decide to let him know he got caught in his elaborate lies. He said his cancer was coming back and that he was bipolar. Steer CLEAR of this person, ladies! Total nutjob! I almost got in touch with his 2nd ex-wife Kelly… but she seemed to have enough trouble getting over their very short marriage and issues with her own life… didn’t want to add insult to injury of his cheating ways while they were divorcing. Not one man I have known hasn’t been a big cheater. Good grief…


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