Brandon Hobbs – Indiana

I live in Zionsville, IN. I was at The Rush one night and I started talking to Brandon. He seemed nice and even had a good vibe about him, with owning a successful online business among other things. (That’s what he told me and I didn’t believe until I finally found it on the web last week) We ended up leaving that night and getting a room at Motel 6 by the Texas Roadhouse. I only planned on kissing him a little and even told him I wouldn’t be going any further but just wanted to cuddle. The next thing I knew I was waking up the next morning at 3:40am and I had all my clothes off and a huge headache. Everything was a little dizzy feeling. I had only had one vodka & sprite earlier and hadn’t drank anything at the room except a water Brandon got for me. I went to my doctor almost immediately that afternoon and told her I might have been raped, and she did a full rape kit examination. She said there were signs of sexual trauma; and I’m not even a sexually active woman. Brandon raped me plain and simple. He drugged me. I hope this will never happen to anyone else and that this man is shunned, the way I feel trying to come out to public bars & restaurants now. I’ll never be able to trust a man easily again.


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