Antonio Aguilar – Illinois

this guy led me for 3 years to believe that I was the only one. we both lived with his parents in the attic. he has no job, two open cases, and he has no shame. countless times I asked him if he wanted to call off the relationship and wanted to seek other women to just let me know and I would walk away. he didnt. instead he chose to lead a double life. it disgusts me to think that his d*** was entering me while entering others. I always knew he had a history of being a w**** and we actually got together while he was seeing a married woman. everybody warned me. he told me I changed him and that he was done with that life. despite him having not much to offrrx i stuck around because of love and because i thought we would both improve our lives together. little did I know the double life he was leading. he enrolled at college of dupage in 2014. I thought he was trying to better himself, so I gave him the benefit of the doubt despite the hunch I had. my gut instinct was right . one of his flings from college came forward and exposed him. she sent me numerous screenshots of not only conversations between themselves but of him and others. this girl played detective and hit up every girl she knew he was trying to f*** or had f***** and they all sent screenshots. it hurts to think that I placed my heart in this scumbags hands. I should’ve known he was only going to school for the free money and to f***. he’s 27 years old yet he thinks he’s still 20. he’s small down there too. he’s full of excuses. I believed him because he was my first relationship so he took advantage of my inexperience. he’s going around telling people it was a one time mistake even though I have countless screenshots that prove that he f***** throughout all the 3 years of our relationship. he wasn’t making mistakes. he knew what he was doing and he chose to do it because he’s selfish and only looks out for his pleasure. this while time he was trying to get threesomes. the girl that exposed him was falling for him too but since she didn’t agree to the three some he discarded her and moved on to the next one. he doesn’t even have the balls to this day to admit what he did and still says he loves me and wants me back. f*** him


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