Anne Melih Drummond – California

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F**k you Anne Melih Drummond for harassing and facebook stalking our friend David and Lisa! David is the most honest asphalt company in the entire Bay area. He is rich because all his customers trust him. Lisa is a beautiful woman and a responsible mom to your daughters and grandchildren because you f**king throw them out to the streets. You are such a shady and dishonest person that your daughters hate you, that’s why you are jealous of David for taking care of them. Oh we are sure you cheated on David and gave him herpes. We even heard you only love your sons Alex and Zach because they are not David’s children. They look so dark so different from their sisters, maybe you cheated on David with other Muslim men or blacks thats why they turn out to be so dark so stupid. David is so healthy, how can his own children get cancer? You keep harassing David for money to pay for your sons, but you keep the berkeley house that David bought and you don’t want to give him back the house. F**k you, you are retarded and mentally ill to spread all these lies about David and Lisa. You f**k with the gypsies and the gypsies will f**k you back. You better keep your eyes open because you don’t know what will happen. We heard you f**k with so many people so you have many enemies around. Iraqi like you are threats thats why Trump has to ban you muslims from entering america. F**k you you are so fat you are really a douche bag.

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