Alford Russ – Georgia

WARNING!! WARNING!! I dated this dirtbag for 2 months then out of the blue one day his wife calls my phone. He lied and lied and sd that they were going through a divorce and that she just wanted alimony. Hes a truck driver with a green truck. Dont believe his lies him and his wife Latoya Whipple Russ live together. Latoya is nuts and after 2 months since I told her dirtbag hubby to leave me alone shes still calling my phone and yelling. I keep telling her I stopped talking to him when I found out he was married but she keeps calling anyway. Ladies beware he’s charming and cute and can lie his a** off. He drives a green 18 wheeler for swift hes 100% married and his wife is as nutty as he is. They live in Dekalb County


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