Wilkenson Toussaint – Florida

Wilkenson Toussaint is a 39 year old male born Dec 29, 1978 is a cheater. He is downlow sleeps with men and women behind any of his girlfriends back. He freeloads on unspected men and women. He started a relationship with me while he had a girlfriend. She found out and left him. He then told me he had no where to live. I let him live with me and he said we were together and professed his love for me. I found out he was trying to get back with his ex. I went through his phone found out he sleeps with men for money. Found pictures of him in orgies with men. He constantly smokes drugs and drinks alcohol. I did some digging and found out he was arrested for kidnapping. Found out he was sleeping with one of his family members. He has several children by different women that he doesn’t take care of. If you see this animal run. Don’t believe anything he tells you. He is looking to use you for money and a place to live. He pretends he is in a bad relationship and he can’t get out of the relationship or that he is single. There is always a different man or woman. You are never the only one. Be ware he speaks several languages and pretends he is helping his poor sick family. He sleeps with family and men! Run.

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