Thierry Brouwers – Vermont

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Thierry Brouwers- is a liar and a cheat. He had a girlfriend for 6 months while cheating her for two with me- mean while texting multiple women and still trolling POF! He lives in Pompano- Drives a Prius & a T-bird. He will pretend to want to build a bus with you- stringing you along the whole time, while living to the other women. He works at GG’S Waterfront Bar & Grill as a server. He is NOT A VEGAN! VEGANS DO NOT EVER EAT MEAT!!!! He will tell you lies about me, but I have all the proof, photos and text to back it up Thierry Brouwers! Everything he said to me- everything he has done with me is IDENTICAL to what he was doing with her! It is like a mirror- this is how get doesn’t get caught. He is burning out! Run down with ALL THE LIES!! KARMAR IS A BITCH !!!! LADIES BEWARE…

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