Justina Herring – Georgia

Where to begin.. this girl is a FRAUD! A HOE! And a lying a** S***! She’s a self proclaimed lesbian living in Atlanta. From Florida but has lived in Montgomery Alabama for the last 10 years but has recently moved to Atlanta Georgia. Will say she is single but has a girlfriend of 3 years by the name of Janay Brockenberry that she will NEVER LET GO OF. I dated this woman who is currently 31 for a few months and when everything hit the fan found out she was cheating on me with not only Janay brockenberry but with 3 other women. Justina makes it like she has her s*** together with her own business (profit management) but she is really broke and an opportunist looking for a come up. She moves from city to city trying to rub elbows with each cities known SOCIALITIES trying to appear as if she is popular. Her online photos are beautiful but she looks nothing like her pics. In person she looks tired and used up from partying all the time. She currently works as maintenance for Atlanta Public Schools (Morris Brandon elementary school) be careful dealing with her. She’s a sex addict and VERY NASTY! A herpes carrier!!!!!! Pay close attention to her mouth area. It will tell you everything about her. She is a compulsive liar who is trying to become an Atlanta socialite but is really just a nasty hoe who will sleep with multiple women at once. Janay brockenberry (her ex) is from Montgomery Alabama who has a son she lost custody of sniffing behind Justina. So Justina feels guilty and will NEVER stop messing with her for that reason. Justina is a snap chat HOE and it will prove what I’m saying if you follow her. Please LADIES and Careful if you run across this chick. She is dangerous and deeply damaged.


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