James (Jim) Jay Janesko – Florida

I dated this man on and off for the past 6 years. I met him thru Eharmony, but later found out he was also using other dating sites too. He told me he was divorced, but I later found out he was dating another women and got married. He has a home in Port Orange Florida and also lived in Oveido Florida. He would spend weekdays here in the Daytona Area where he works and weekends with his girlfriend/wife. I left him when I found out about his new wife although he had been married several years. And when my brother saw him pick up a prostitute on Ridgewood Ave and parked in front of his house on Nixon Ave to do what ever. I have since found out he has moved with his wife to another city in Florida near Sanford but I don’t know which one. His number was 904-761-9011 and he is now seeing a woman he works with. He may seem to be harmless (does not smoke, drink, or party much) but he does smoke pot and likes to surf. When he told me he was married I continued to see him for a while, but things got weird. He said he was unhappy because his wife has a son with problems and pushed her to let him move away with his father in another state. This and the the idea of him using prostitutes scared me and I have had the fear of getting a disease. So far my tests are negative. Thank God.


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