Donovan Holvay Woodland Hills – California

In simple terms Donovan can be characterized as a loser, and a poor excuse for a human being; he doesn’t even deserve to be called a man. He’s a 40 year old living with daddy, has no job, and is going to school.Donovan was a guy that I met, we were never in a romantic relationship, quite simply it was a sexual relationship. I never invited him to my home, only saw him at night, and kept him at a distance. He was never a person that I considered to be serious because he doesn’t have simple qualities that I look for, and way too many undesirable qualities. He smokes, drinks excessively, goes to school, has no job, lives with his dad and he’s 40 years old.Unfortunately, I met the mistake of focusing on this loser because I was bored. There’s a lot of things that he did that made him an a******, in the end he wouldn’t stop harassing me via text message and by phone. I ended up having to change my number because he also gave my number to one of his buddies who also messaged me.Really with this guy, he took the cake with what he did in the end . Long story short, I found out I was pregnant and I let him know by leaving a message from a blocked number; I also sent a text message from an annonymous texting app letting him know that if he had any doubts I had proof and I told him I planned to get a medical abortion the same day and I gave him the exact name of the clinic, appointment time and location if he had any doubts. Of course he didn’t show up, so I felt that I definitely made the right decision. Clearly he’s irresponsible and take care of himself, he would not be ready to take on the responsibility.


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