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 This is Collette Marie Grobe & her husband VooDoo Larry. Larry is a semi famous custom car designer who constantly cheats on his much younger wife. When he gets caught, Collette loves to blame the other women! Larry broke up with Collete numerous times, got engaged to 2 different women, then ended up back with Collette and decided to marry her as the joke of the year. He constantly tells everyone around him how he can’t stand Collette and that all she does is nag, talk sh!t about everyone and embarrass him. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Collette is always cheating on Larry too. She’s screwed half of the guys in his car club! Ace is one of em, but the list is long. A friend of mine actually walked in on Collette sucking *****’s d1ck and she begged him not to tell Larry what he saw! Besides being a slore she’s also a homewrecker ( did i forget to mention that collette used to live in larrys basement when he was married to his first wife, collettes best friend, and she was f**king him behind her back?) Oops. This chick feeds off of Larry being semi famous, she leeches off his lifestyle, his money and his business and believes she is a model. I’m not sure what modeling agency wants over weight cholas with 10 pounds of caked on makeup! Her face is so scary she can make a baby cry. Look at those eyebrows! Numerous men told me that they cant stand being next to collette at car shows because she smells like swamp a55. Rumor has it that Larry and Collette are so broke that they’ve resorted to stealing people’s social security numbers and committing identity theft. All they do is snort pepsi and cheat on each other then blow up Facebook with their embarrassing dramatic marriage problems. Best was when Collette worked 2 jobs and Larry was out f**king other women. I guess marrying a slore 20 years younger just isnt satisfying him enough. Woot woot!


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