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Tracy Yott, now living in Phelan, CA, from Apple Valley, CA. I was in a relationship with this person for 6 years. I moved countries to be with him. Little did I know it was my money he was after and continually cheated with larger women he met via Facebook. He lied to them, and eventually, started staying over night, and then nights on end with an over weight woman he met on Facebook. He spent every cent of my savings, nearly $80,000. Yes, I was stupid to get sucked in by his lies, but I did. My Lesson. After I fled, I was gracious enough to permit the electricity to continue to be in my name for 3 months. That was the agreement. His reason to ask that? He didn’t want child support catching up with him. He was and still is married with a child. They are still married after 15 years, and he made no move to divorce because his disability depends on her earnings. How very sad. He moved the woman he was cheating on me with in to my home within 2 weeks of my feeling. I now have debt collectors chasing me over an unpaid electric bill that he and his new woman ran up. If you are ever contacted by this man who presents himself as a Rock Star? RUN!


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