Tom Chaklos – Florida

Meet this asshole on Zoosk. Seemed super sweet and was a truck driver with an ex who has his kids in South FL. We met after talking for a month, started dating seriously, a few months later i get a weird message from a girl saying he was trying to meet her that night while he was driving through her town. he made it out to be a childhood friend with a drug problem that he tried to see if she was ok due to addiction. ok. fastforward a couple more months, I get a message from a girl on Christmas weekend that states he was supposed to have a date with her and they were talking for a month. They all found out about me because he has multiple facebooks and i was on one of them as his girlfriend. To not ruin christmas for our kids, I accepted his apology for the girl ” he talked to before he met me months ago” on Zoosk. So here I am , Superbowl Sunday, his facebook is busy, he is out of town, I question why his facebook wasn’t working, he yells at me about ordering dinner and hangs up. We break up today because I had had enough, and the bastard already has his Zoosk account up and running with me in one of the pics!! Seriously, I had to laugh at his facebook profile that he wants a serious relationship. No, he wants someone to let him into their home so when he has home time from his truck driving job, he has a place to stay so his ex (mother of his kids) doesn’t think he is homeless and his address is a tractor trailer that runs out of Kansas City. I am just amazed that people still exist like this. He was so sweet and sincere, and always made promises and called all the time and was so attentive. Guess that was his side job so he could get someone to live with them rent free….oh wait…he paid my mortgage ONCE in the 7 months he lived here. Sorry, forgot about that. He wants a cookie for that one.

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