Steven Wayne Blok – Arizona

Steve Blok was my live in boyfriend for 3 years. The entire time there was never any peace because he was unable to control his gambling and sex addition habits. He had broken my heart once before and swore if I took him back he would never he would change “never hurt me again like that” and “be a better man”. He had left for a month and lied and told me he was going to Washington, he proclaimed his love for me and that he was returning to be with me “through the thick and thin” and that “he loved me more than anything in his whole life and “no more secrets”. That was the first lie not to mention I found out months later he did not go to Washington he went to see his family in Wisconsin. Why lie about that in the first place. The entire relationship built in that lie. He has been seeing escorts through our entire relationship lying about where he has been. He could not be faithful if his life depended on it. He is very VERY charming and could convince you that the sky is purple if given the chance. My friends and family saw through his lies and shady behavior and did everything they could to protect me, but I loved this man with all my heart. He is extremely selfish and self gratification is his ONLY priority. He is ruthless and heartless a sociopath through and through. If you meet him you will fall for him and ignore all the warning signs. I am here to be you to not ignore your intuition and your gut feelings. He tells lies like he is ordering from the drive through and McDonald’s and he will always cheat. No matter what. He will admit fault for roughly 10 minutes then will never apologize or admit he was wrong again. Do not engage in conversation with him. You will be sucked in and you will be used and tossed aside for a hooker like an old shoe without a second thought from him. Run like hell unless you enjoy being lied.


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