Peter Panmonger – Florida

bonafide Player. In the beginning he will wine and dine you. Then after he gets what he wants in the bedroom his true ugly colors appear. He locks his phone which is a clear sign of a cheater! He always has at least 4 women on the line waiting for his call. He doesn’t want a commitment. Once you’ve been with him long enough he’ll start switching up his split narcissistic personality and abusing you. Verbally and emotionally!!!! alert he also hates children and abuses animals. This man is a walking STD. Beware of this creep!!!!! He once told me he was going to visit his parents for a week and ended up screwing an old flame from his home town. I found the receipts in his garage. He was shacking up with her while telling me he loved me . He doesn’t care about women and he is actually violent and hateful individual, do your self a favor and run for the hills. This pig is true evil!!!


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