Natali Znaicenko – Moldova

I know was my ex husband who did bad going to east europe to know this scum, but she is everytime playing online the “poor single mother who her man was so bad with” game with many married men at the same time. She play the role of a sooo sweet and soft and helpless woman who can’t survive in her corrupted country (she said) without an strong occidental man to take care of her and her daughter from outside. In fact now i know her daughter have a father in Switzerland, who was scammed for her too and banned to see the little girl, but pays everything his child needs by his sense of fault. Natali likes to pretend she tries to win some money for herself doing craftworks but she loves so much expensive clothes, cosmetics, complements and travel around europe with all paid (including her face creams and gifts) and she can’t afford all this with her hobbies so she needs a court of stupids giving her all she need to feel comfortably. You can be sure that every month this cunt collect a good amount of €€€ from random places of Europe via Western Union from them who love to give charity as pay for have sex with an ugly witch traits face b1tch.


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