Mark Honn – Illinois

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This guy worked at the same company. He was the maintenance guy, ex military. He was always visiting women in the office to see if they needed anything. He was just checking them out. He told everyone how bad his marriage was and how he had no money because his wife spent it all and only gave him $20 a week. His house was getting foreclosed. He gets off on people feeling sorry for him. He got fired for sexting a chick in the office. The punishment seemed harsh and people tried to help. He targeted one woman who was single and had money. He camped out with her on weekends for a year and a half. She loved him and gave him lots of cash booze and sex and who knows what else. After he got everything he wanted out of her he said he really did have the affair and that’s why he got fired. He got thousands of dollars from her and his wife probably never saw a cent. He has drinking and gambling problems too.

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