Jared Mendoza Daly City, California

Jared is a guy who I saw off and on for many years. We met online (and eventually met in person), and he presented himself as being single with no children. Later I came to find out that he not only had a very serious girlfriend but he had 2 children. He was very calm and clever about covering his tracks and acted as if he was confused about his situation, and things were “off and on” with his girlfriend. Other times he admitted to it, but said it wasn’t true. He never could keep his stories straight. Eventually I gave up and came to terms with the fact it was just a sexual relationship between us. He continued with the same stories sometimes telling me he was leaving his girlfriend, but he also told me he was seeing multiple other women. When having sex, not once did he ever use protection, so watch out! He talked very badly about his girlfriend (the mother of his children), apparently she found out about me and he said bad things about me to her of course.. Just to make sure he had himself covered so that he would stay on our good side. He’s always will say whatever he needs to say to smooth talk his way out of a sticky situation. I didn’t have a problem with just having sex with him. But the problem came several times when he approached me about making things more serious; he wanted a relationship.. Then so quickly he plays the same games, while all along he’s dating and having sex with other women. He’s one to watch out for, his sexual appetite cannot be satisfied by 1 woman and he really doesn’t care who hurts in the process. I’ve finally gotten the closure I needed to move on. I knew eventually meeting another guy would help me. He’s really a disgusting socio-path and you will be sorry if you get yourself too attached to him. He seems like the sweetest guy ever, and you will love having sex with him; and he will use you to achieve whatever fantasies he has..but he still wants more and he needs more and more women to accomplish these goals. A man like this will never settle no matter what lies he tells you. From what I know of him, he’s a horrible father to deny his own children. If he can’t be faithful to the mother of his children to keep his family together don’t expect him to change. He also has a criminal record at least Driving Under the Influence of alcohol or drugs (I’m not sure which). If you’re curious google court records for counties he’s lived in and pay for them and you will learn all the details..Just search around on the internet and do detective work..He will have his excuses, but he’s full of BS and thinks no one has any idea…Really I knew, I just didn’t say anything.. He will lie about anything even his age- luckily the internet tells all.


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