Heather N. Leigh – Arizona

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Heather N. Leigh (41) Blonde, Fat, Pig, (wears wigs for homemade porn and escort work) screws different dudes from Craigslist weekly while going on POF, OK Cupid, Instagram, etc trying to find a respectable guy to think she isn’t a prostitute, bipolar, skank that has unprotected sex with married black men from San Diego to Arizona and elsewhere. She’s a whore straight up. Meth addict. Thinks she’s hot and special because horny dudes that like fat women can hit it with no condom 24/7. She’s going to jail in September 2018, so hit it and catch a disease quick married and attached guys! Someone needs to tell her that you get attention from lots of guys when you’re a whore but you don’t get their respect. Ever.

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