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I heard people say this and it”s a known fact too. That when ever Krissy needs something and she doesn’t want it trailing back to her. She gets Ernie to do it. All it takes is Krissy covering his drinks at the bar and he will plainly do it. He’s mailed things. Delivered packages for her. He’s met people she wanted Investment money from. He would talk about how great her app is. And that they will make allot of money. He’s made obscene phone calls or text people. I know a few he’s harassed. Any thing Krissy would need she gets him to do it. And all it take are covering his bar tab. He’s an alcoholic. And for Ernie for free drinks he’ll do anything. Around 4 years he lost his job.due to drinking. Going to work hung over and drinking and getting drunk at work. He hid it for a while I’m told but after 4 drinks. It starts to show. So they had no choice but to fire him. Of course he sued them like a normal alcoholic would. He said it was because he was gay. Then he tried the DRD Poz. Angle. But that didn’t fly. It was Documented by several people in a 3 month period. I have seen Ernie wasted in Bars in West Hollywood. And Krissy usually there drinking. Or his other half David Klein. Who’s a heavy drinker too. Ernie gets to the point and Blacks out. Says and does things he the next day doesn’t remember. That’s Alcoholism for you. Krissy enables his drinking by paying for his shots. And So he’s her vestigate app minion… I’m Nogoli. All said is true. I know this for a fact. And too the Bartenders have told me. They see and hear everything. And they’ve cut Ernie off many times. They call Krissy…. The Drunken all Lady and Ernie the Endless Drinker.


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Yes Kris Schuh did steal money. And she got stupid people like Erinie. This Ernie involved helping her. Giivanni Vitulli from the Gay Bar Gym SportsBar n Grill. He too helped her. David Klien and even Trevor Lapaglia from the Gay Bar Trunks too. Them all and others are in Legal trouble. Her Lawyer Michael J Gulden. That guy was Disbarred over helping her and lying in Court when she was sued by her Investors.

Eeeeeewwww you hoojed up with Ernie. Dude. Ernie Perez is Nasty. And he has a past of sleeping around. If I were you. I wouldn’t post that any where else. Ernie has a Reputation. And sleeping with him. Or hooking up in the back seat is not what you want people to know. Ernie always reminded me of Ernie from Sesame Street. Short chubby Mexican.

I looked you up on Facebook. You are a very good looking guy. Your to good to be doing back seat with Ernie.

Wine🍷 🍷 🍷 🍷 🍷 🍷 🍷🍷 🍷 🍷 🍷 wine

Ernie lay off the Booze and the Drugs. And your life will get better. All that Shyt did you no good. And look. You moved across Country to get away from the mess you got in. Gurl Dave Klein didn’t help you any. He got you deeper and deeper in trouble. And look now. In fall of 2019 you up rooted from LA to Boston to run away from the Barseen App mess that Krissy and Dave got you into. And the drinking and drugs didn’t help you any.

💋 💋

Does any one know where in Boston move too. One guy said the South End. But I Havn’t heard anyone else say that.

This I posted on Blog of Krissy Schuh.
The one that stole all that money.

Lady your a F’n joke and that App Biz of yours too is the same.

Lady you never 1’s @ all had a real Biz. It wasn’t. You never made money with it. Not a f’kn dime. In 5yrs you paid 58k in Taxes. 58 Thousand….. One investor alone gave you way over 50k. And that’s one out of 60 Investors you had. The money…… You had to pay your bills and all your F’kn Shiiiit. Was Investment money. You paid you rent. Paid you credit card bills. Bought clothes. You even bought a new SUV with money from just 1 Investor gave you. You used Investment money to pay your Landlord back rent on your Apartment. You were about to be Evicted. And an Investor gave you money for the App Business. But No. 40% of it went to pay bills and 40% to hide in a bank account and 20 if it was 20% went to the Business.

No Lady. You had a F’kn Ponzi Scheme. It was a Ponzi Scheme. Not a Biz.

Hey your Defense Attorney what was his name. The one you went to Law School with…. Gosh what’s his name. You know the Gay one with a Laugh like a Hyena. The one you had a Law Office with on SunSet. Geee his name his name…. What is it…. The one that paid guys for sex. Oh yeah… Michael J Gulden. He was your Defense Attirney in several of Laws8 Filed against you and your Biz partner. That other Lesbian. The Butch one. God Damn she’s ugly. Not that your one Krissy to take home to meet Momma. Cuz on your Bloated Looks and Thunder Thighs. Good thing your a Lesbo. Any ways back to the Gay Defense Attorney….. Wasn’t he Disbarred Defending you. He lied to the Judge abd to the Court on Facts. And on if you had money and where it was. He showed Falsified Paperwork and Bank Statements on Accounts that had a Low to Zero Balance. He lied to the Judge and to the Court trying to show that you and your partner Dykerella were broke. When in fact you had money…… Hidden away….. The Judge Suspended his License and in 2019 he was Disbarred.

Lady you are in a pickle now. Your Biz sunk. The Court shut ut down. And Seized all your Bank Accounts.

The Judge had enough proof that you and that. Ugly Woman Sally Kushner who is over 10 years older than you. I still don’t see how you and her dated years on back. But Love is Blind….. BRB….. I gotta Barf….. The idea of her and you….. Talk about two Butch Dykes…. Lady hit the dirt road on your Bike. Ride as far and as fast as you can. Cuz when all this is done. Your Lesbo asssses will be behind bars. No Passing Go…. Jail for both you Hoe’s.

And member you both are Republican too and Vited for Trump….. He’s right on this…… America will be great again……. Cuz you two be in Lock up for long long tine. Ba Bye…. God gave us light. Karma gave us a long lick down for you and Dykerella.

I can’t wait for the Book Release. And Visiting Days…. I’ll buy an extra. Get it signed and give it to you as a gift.

He went to the same Law School Southwest Law School and shared a Legal Office with Krissy Schuh on Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood……The same Krissy Schuh that used to have the App…. Barseen App in West Hollywood….. Yeah. The same person.

No Krissy Schuh never went ti Cal State and Studied Business. And No Krissy Schuh never worked for NBC… CBS… HBO… ESBN for the last 20 years b4 starting her Gay App… No Krissy Schuh is not an Honest Woman. And No. Krissy Schuh did not use her own money to start the Gay App Barseen App…… As she likes to tell people. Krissy used to be an Attorney and she was Disbarred in 2014…. She never. No not once… Not even for a split second worked in the Entertainment Industry…. It’s another one of her lies… That today makes her so famously known for… Lol

Krissy Schuh is a God Damn Liar….. Nothing more than a Con Woman. And a Fu€king thief. Yes she’s very Dishonest. Yes she did steal from Clients she represented back years ago when she practiced Law. And Yes she did steal from…. All…. And I mean All…. Every single Investor she had that Invested money. And yes Mark Miller alone Invested 100k. And Mickey Lamar 30k. And many many…. Many others between 10k to 50k each….. And Yes…… Most of them. 90% of them were friends of hers. And Yes she had over 40 Investors and Yes under 60 Investors. And Yes I’m confident you can do the math and figure it out the number….. Because Krissy says she can’t…. Lol

And Yes this is all true. I will swear under Oath in Court in Front of the Judge…… And…. No I am not a Republican and I did not Vote for Trump……. But Yes Krissy Schuh is a Republican and she did Vote for Trump in 2016 and 2020……

And No I’m not Atheist……. Yes Krissy Schuh is…. Athiest.

Have a Blessed day

Gurl. Those Kunts need to be kicked where it hurts them most. I know your Husband were friends once with Krissy. And Andy Angel your right. Everything about them suck. They are the lowest of the low. And sleazier. And I heard once a guy tossed his drink at Krissy was Drunk in the bar after she called him a [email protected] On Thanksgiving night at Gym Bar 2019. They were in an argument. He called her out on being a Fraud

Ngoli. I think it’s good that you do your postings. And letting people know is the only way to help them save them from getting sucked into giving away their money to opportunists. I’ve read your other comments. And you tell it as it is. And it’s all backed with true facts. And you are doing a really good thing. Those people need to be exposed. And Prossecuted.

So you moved to Bostom. I see to escape all the messy problems you were in.

Does David Klein still pay your Bar Tab.

I know David Klein. And I can say. I don’t trust him. I know him and you friends and he took you on trips to Chicago and Antarctica. I don’t like him at all. I don’t trust him.

I met up with this guy Ngoli and he told me. Showed me everything. I did not know you were involved.

Ernie went with Krissy Schuh and Dave Klein a bunch if times to promote her Barseen App and try and get Investors.

Ernie and Dave went to Antarctica too together. Why…. Who the F knows.

Krissy Schuh Barseen App today out of Business. And she’s again Filing Bankruptcy. She owes more money than she in her life time will ever be able to pay back.

And I hear things are very bad for her and the people Involved. Another reason why Ernie moved to Boston. To sneak away avoiding being connected with the Fraud.

Hey Ernie it’s Jewish Todd from West Hollywood. Dale my Manager from Mary’s asked if I knew anyone else. The only other one was you. I told him you moved to Boston. But he’s not sure. I told him what was told to me you were fired from your job due to alcohol. And you were Unemployed a long time. Then you got in doing the Vestigate Barseen Bar App thing. And years later. Packed up quick and moved fall of 2019. Dale does not like Krissy at all. And he knows all about her and Sally stealing money. He says he remembers Mickey Lamar. Mickey would go and bring friends to Gay Bingo. And the Drag Shows. He says. If Krissy paid him back the money she owed him. He would still be alive today. I agree with Dale.

Be Safe Ernie and get you drinking under control.

Lol…..Lol. What bro. Ernie learn. Never. Ernie will continue to get himself in these kinds of messes. He’s been in trouble before. And he never learns from his mistakes. And then Blames it on the Bottle.

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