Christine Gonzalez – California

I am a co-worker where this woman works as a “hostess” this woman is from Ecuador her name is Christine Gonzalez goes by Christinemusicofficial the worst, lowest person without any morals or self- respect in Los Angeles . She wants to be a singer like plenty, but instead of working hard she prefers the low life. She is the lowest, this woman will do anything for 50 bucks rumors are circulating. Thanks to her hoeing and sucking d… for money is called “hostess” Or whatever job she says she does at work. I have seen her walking around with a guy that told me she gave him a BJ in his car for some money. The rumor is that this guy was passing some stuff to girls. This woman is so low and immoral that she opens her legs to every men and will suck into anything and where ever that she thinks will support her music career. She slept with so many clients that come to this restaurant. She meets the clients at different parking lot around Beverly Hills while she is taking her “brake.” She also elaborates lies about her situation to make people feel sorry for her and get money from men and if you leave your wallet where she can see it or money it will be gone. I am just trying to help other men not to fall for her trap like I did. To all the men out there especially around Beverly Hills area BE AWARE.


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