Cairene Vida – Hawaii

This woman seduced my male friend who was in a 10+ years relationship with my female friend. My friends bought a new house and were planning to start having kids. But this gold digger is very good at manipulation because this other woman has nothing going for her other than 3 children that have different fathers. Can’t comprehend why my male friend fell for this trap. This woman only snatched up my friend because while they were in the same military squad this woman saw that he is significantly high ranked for his age. Which means more $ for this gold digger to get her hands on. His family and friends are still in shock that he chose this homewrecker over his 10yr+ relationship. This woman is such a good example for her 2 young daughters. I hope karma takes it out on her and not her daughters. No one deserves to be put in that situation. He also strait up lied to his friends and his family about this other woman. We all hope he is content being friendless and alone with this other woman because if someone is okay cheating with you, they are eventually going to cheat on you. Now he has no friends and no family backing him up. Only this other woman and her three kids.


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