Shannon Marie Williams – New York

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This woman right here is the definition of a bar assistive sociopath. She as I was explained to by an expert in the field is the type of personality they do case studies on. She has no real human emotion. And as crazy as that sounds you’ll sidhbyou would have listened. She starts the relationship as if she’s obsessed with you wants to know every last detail about you. Showers you with love affection and constant sex telling you over and over you are the only guy that’s ever gotten her to cum and that’s why she needs you so much. All a distraction to get you to talk she listens and litteralky transforms herself into the girl of your dreams. She acts out the role of whatever she finds out from you you’ve been looking for. You’ll have the best relationship you ever dreamed of and for that reason you’ll give her everything and she’s mastered the art of non asking. She tells you just i conversation. Usually blaming her daughter that has suffered under a mother for this long she has made multiple suicide attempts. Of her financial problems. Knowing you’ll offer and as she refused with her words her hand extends out to take the money. One of her biggest distractions is she will occasionally buy dinner exclaiming she’s not the type of girl that wants a guy to pay for her. Small price to pay for dinner some drinks and occasional other things considering she will con you out of 100 times that. She does her cheating very smoothly to stating in the very beginning of the relationship and also many times during that her therapy is driving and she will just drive for hours and thats how she escapes her stress mainkybthe daughter she destroyed. So when she cheats on you she can say I was out driving around with my phone off you know that’s my thing. She can look you in the eyes and make herself cry and swear on her dead parents as well as swear on her children’s lives that she’s telling the truth when she’s actually lying. I was warned from outsiders that she convinced me were jealous and trying to ruin our happiness. She will convince you her most recent ex went crazy and that’s why she left don’t worry none of her ex’s were crazy. And you won’t be either but better believe when she’s done using you and on to the next she will tell your friends your family that’s shes worried about you because your loosingbyour kind and she’s afraid of you. She will beat you to it she’s jastered this. This will discredit you when telling anyone the truth that one day she was madly in love with you telling you she wants to spend the rest of her life with you then the very next day you don’t exist and she’s already seeing someone else. Who she won’t bring in public for a few months to apear single so again it looks like she was telling the truth to your family’s and friends. She knows that when you go from having the perfect gf that is completely all about you when you fall asleep and when you wake up she’s gone doesn’t want you any more and doesn’t even answer your calls your going to panic your going to be so confused your going to keep calling and messaging to see what’s goibg on and why your being ignored. That way she can in front of people go my god he’s crazy look he’s calling again. And you don’t even know she’s telling people this already so when you do go to talk to someone about what your going through they already think you’ve lost it. I have talked to three of her exes previous to me and they all had the same story about money coming up missing houses being robbed and always she blames her daughter as being a drug addict. Of the one stealing. This is not true this poor girl has seen and been through so much when she attempted dioxide her mother had the drs loaf her up on prescription drugs she is now addicted to so when you meet her you think her poor mom has to see her daughter like this and it kills her inside. Who she is in public and in front of you and who she is in front of her daughter two different people. I was lucky enough that her daughter recorded her home alone so i could see the real shannon and how fake she was and how horrible she tears this poor girl down. Her daughter is the only one that knows the real her and who would believe a drug addict right ? If your dayingbher and you read this you’ll be upset andwsnt to defend her. This can’t be true. She’s that good. But when she’s done with you. You’ll post on here too you wish you had listened

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