Derrian Toree Jenkins – North Carolina

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This man has cheated on every girl he ever said he loved. He goes back and forth with one of his baby mama’s (Shelly Baker). He will cheat on you with her. He has 9 kids, 5 baby mama’s and a possible 10th child on the way by a 6th woman. He will promise you the world. He will do everything right, so that you give him everything. In return you will be left with nothing. When he cheats, he will try to turn it around to look as if it’s your fault. He beg to take you back, promise you the world but then will act like you should be over him cheating within weeks. He acts like a fun loving, free spirit in public. When alone he is consumed in video games and his phone…. he isn’t a completely different person in public than behind closed doors. You’ve been warned.

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