Allan Ross Rabinowitz – California

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Allan Ross Rabinowitz. Cheater, Manipulator of Unsuspecting women, Rapist both females too young and old, abuser. I watched my friend Escarlett get treated so poorly as this was her first BF (shitty one at that). She was forced into situation that I would call the cops if I knew where he lived. He raped her, Fucking with other girls and got BJs from 16 year olds (him being 23), punching her, and even kissed other girls right in front of him. She didn’t know it wasn’t normal because he forced her on Weed/wax so she would forget about it. I couldnt even get her to respond half the time because she was too high. He used mental manipulation to get what he wanted and when he was done with her he threw her into the streets!! She was so dumb founded she attempted suicide then he brought her back in cheated on her and again rapped her. I used to work with him in music and I would never work with him ever again!!! He’s the worst human ever because he would do this for 8!!! 8 Fucked up years!!!! I finally got her away from him recently but now he’s fucking some other bitch just because she wasnt good enough????!!! If you don’t want a Fucked up life nor reputation don’t even talk to this Bastard!!! Poor chick is moving on but the nightterrors of the rapes still gets too her. Also he stated 5 years of the 8 ment nothing to him. At this point I question weither he even has a heart or his duck thinks for him. He’s a Idiot for fucking up a nice chick. I watched it from the beginning! And I’m glad she’s finally out of it but I’m warning all Humans and non humans. He will fake bing nice just to get it his way!!!

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