Steve Ramos – Australia

Steve Ramos, 40 years old and still not settled down. Why? Because he’s a serial cheater. Not the first time he’s done it by the looks of it. He is emotionally detached and does not know how to be faithful and honest. Everyone fell for his lies and stupid enough to believe them with his friends at work covering for him instead of telling him how immoral it is to be at that age and still be sleeping around. Now it’s time to put a spotlight on men and women that step out to begin with. No conscience no morals. This time around he got caught cheating while the person he was with at the time was miscarrying his child and texts messages were exposed for the world to s. Beware ladies, he will flirt and try and pick you up but at some point he is going to step out on you, once a cheater always a cheater. They can’t resist the temptation especially if they have been doing it for so long.


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