Sarah Fleming — Texas

So this girl right here Sarah Fleming is something else. She walks around like her sh1t don’t stink when in reality it fuking reeks. She uses guys for rides,money,food,sex whatever you can think of as well as to just feed her own ego. She’s 25 going after 19 and 20 year olds from the military bases for their money and bad personalities obviously..and maybe a bah who knows. She keeps around the only friend she has stringing him along acting like she cares when really she only keeps him around because he’s a big enough loser to believe she actually is his friend. He’s such a chump but I feel bad for him because he’s a big enough chump to be played so hard by her. She brags about having guys wrapped around her fingers when what she needs is to have the guys she sleeps with wrap their little soldiers up. At the end of the day what’s the saddest thing is she thinks these guys that she actually falls for care about her or even like her when in reality they just know she’s a girl that they can get their but in and dip out after. Honey I hope you open your eyes before you end up some cheap stripper alone forever with no friends and giving five dollar handies behind a McDonald’s.


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