Michelle De Vandahlcourte – Florida

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Just when I thought men couldn’t get more disgusting my ex husband pulled this in the summer before last. Yep. He put a woman in a portapotty at his work site. He got the idea from a news story he saw about a sex offender from Colorado hiding in one. It was a fairly big place with around 6 of then. He arranged for one of them to be empty. Empty as in no pee or poop in it. Then got a prostitute to be in the thing. By “in” I mean down in where the crap goes with her head able to stick up through where the toilet seat is. My husband went in to “use” it and got his di#k sucked. I found out from the girlfriend of another guy where he works. When I confronted him about it and he admitted it was true I was annoyed, but not 2 surprised bc he used hookers before. What I was astonished by was what The F#%k happens if another guy goes in there and really uses it?!??! That’s when I found out she sucked the whole crew. All the guys knew that one was the whore-topotty. My God! I told him that’s almost 50 guy’s!! Yep, she sucked forty seven di#ks that day! And where in the hell does someone get a hooker like that?? Online of course. On Craigslist. And the name of this countessa of cumm? Michelle De Vandahlcourte. I’ll leave it at that. No more comments cause I can’t. Gotta go be sick again now!

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