Melinda Slusser Rippy — New Braunfels, Texas

When you, Melinda Slusser, approach a minor child in public and scold her for things not working out between you and her daddy; talking down to a minor child, who is not your child, and verbally telling her that” she’s inappropriate” is wrong! It’s time for others to know about you and the work you do. You are the one who is inappropriate and They need to know what we have to know about a stranger we have never met; the wickedest, foulest, evilest person to infiltrate our lives. Melinda Slusser: ADULTERER (2015-2017) Her Vile Legacy: Adulterous Woman – Sodomite – Sexual Immorality/Perversion: Sex Tapes – Twice Divorced – Babies from Different Daddies – Home Wrecker (evidence on file)(has not been distributed) What Sexual Theft Says About You: Your Sin Will Find You Out.

Private Sin NEVER Stays Private. It Always Gets Exposed. Nothing Is Hidden That Will Not Be Revealed, Nor Is Anything Secret That Will Not Be Known. Whatever You Have Said in The Dark Shall Be Heard in The Light. What You Have Whispered in Private Shall Be Proclaimed. Believing Such A Sin Will Remain Private or No One Will Know or Be Hurt. Think Again. Harboring Private Sin and Thinking You Are Safe Because It Is Not Yet Known. Reputation Is Built in A Lifetime but Damaged in A Moment. Public Disclosure Will Bring Even Greater Shame. Accountability & Humility. No Power or Resources to Hide Your Immorality. Moral and Spiritual Awakening: It’s Time to Change Your Story Melinda. Words of Wisdom: To the Adulterous Woman: To the woman caught up in “Great Sin”. Adopt a Moral Compass!!! Yes……All are sinners, however, not all commit Great Sins. Don’t trust how you feel or what your eyes can see. Don’t trust what your mind perceives, or your ears can hear. Know the TRUTH! No more upside-down behavior. The way you are living is NOT in alignment with God. No more raggedy lifestyle. Your righteousness is too much for you to carry shackled to sin. You can’t live freely with all this weight on you. Truth will take the weight off your shoulders. Finish your Christian walk faithful to the END! No more backsliding. Get right with God. Don’t commit this same sin tomorrow. Set the right example for your children and to OTHERS! YOU.ARE.BRAVE.ENOUGH.TO.EXPLORE.THE.DARKNESS You should be seeking the Light! Being spirit-filled doesn’t lead you HERE! Walking in darkness does. Would your daddy be PROUD of his little girl? Did he raise you this way? Stop believing the lies of the men you seduce. Do they want you in the end? NO…..THEY DO NOT! You allow yourself to be used by men in vile, vile ways. Reason for your surgical enhancements; ie. “The Girls! STOP putting them to work. Gain some much-needed self-respect! Try modesty. Put your clothes back on. Cover your body up. Stay away from men who DON’T belong to you. Stay away from other people’s husbands and STOP tearing families apart. Stop calling married men over to do work at your house and then walk them into your den of death. The wife of your affair is: God’s Choice Hand-picked and chosen by GOD above ALL! Every woman, married or not, should stand firm against your schemes. Keeping our eyes on the enemy. Keeping our eyes on YOU! You were planning to do her wrong. You were studying the people that she loves. You explored his weaknesses to tempt him away from his heart. All eyes are on you now! I will not stand back and watch you run rough shot over my family. Or anyone else’s family! I am the gatekeeper of my family. I say, “NOT TODAY Melinda Slusser!” Not on my watch. We claim victory over YOU! All the devastation. All the tears cried. You are an enemy stirring up trouble. We are standing firm against your wicked ways! There’s a reason you are no longer SLUSSER!!! It’s not because two people fell out of love. Don’t let her deceive you! Ladies watch you man!!! Her ex-husband didn’t even know the TRUTH! In his spirit he always suspected Melinda Slusser = Deception. He divorced her without knowing the TRUTH! Now we ALL “Know the TRUTH” Melinda! The worst thought: The way you chose to scold a minor, innocent child over your shortcomings in a public place……you would have been an evil step-mother had your plans succeeded in your evil pursuits. Not on my watch!!! Not Today! Never Again!


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