Marc Wuthrich – Florida

Marc Wuthrich, pedophile, rapist, cheater, Black market steroid user. He is the real life Two-Faced. If he commits a crime against you and steals your identity…. he will post things online lying that you are the fraud and not him because he is a gaslighting psychopath. He’s currently on the run from Colorado for stealing his own mother’s identity who is elderly. He stole $110,000 of his daughter’s ex boyfriend’s mom’s retirement by pretending to be a financial investor. He works with his brother Chad Wuthrich who manages a Chase Bank in Greeley they pretend to be financial advisors together! This guy uses cons like “being sick” fake seizures just like they do in prison! He was in prison in California for stealing a Grandma’s identity. But he has a taste for 15 year younger women or children just like his daughter Aubree with Rich that he reels in man with. You basically pimps out his daughter and uses her identity as his own. But she’s okay with it even though he has a BDSM and daughter fetish. His daughter is 19. but he’s had an obsession with her and gives her endless amounts of money so that he doesn’t have to go to prison like his brother Todd Wuthrich. Todd is in jail for 16 counts of sexual assault. Marc claims that it is against his own child daughter. He likes his daughter to go out with sugar daddies so that he can take their money. Or he takes money from his girlfriends that take care of him. he’s currently on the run because he also took out a disease or injury life insurance policy on his ex-girlfriend and most likely poisoned her. Just like his daughter he is a serial liar manipulator cheater and pornaddict/webcam girl addict. He gives Aubrey Wuthrich his own daughter LSD, molly, alcohol, as well as his own prescription of pain pills to loosen her up so she can real men in for cons. They are a daddy-daughter conteam on the run from police. He injects Black market steroids, that I found all over my house once he left. He pawned everything in my house worth value. lost all of my data for my computers and cell phones that way. He stole three years of income including my life savings. Please do yourself a huge favor and stay away from these two!


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